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Toni's Migration Journey
I am a bit of a citizen of the world, having been born in Germany to army parents. I grew up in England, Scotland and then mostly Ireland before a brief sojourn in Italy and a two year pit stop in Greece.
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Shiva's Migration Journey
I came to study in Australia on a student visa and completed my Masters with Honours in Media production (Film and TV) specializing in sound production at Griffith University, Brisbane QLD Australia.
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Chani's migration journey
Like many Aussies, my heritage is from all sorts of places. While my father’s family is a mix of indigenous and convict ancestors, my mother’s parents came out to Australia in the late 1950s as the classic “10 pound poms”.
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Phi's migration journey
Like many 2nd generation Vietnamese Australians, my parents were refugees from Vietnam in the late 70’s. I was born in Palawan, a tiny island in the Philippines at the refugee camp where my parents stayed.
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