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At Catalyst Migration, we deliver practical, realistic advice and genuine support as you navigate Australia’s immigration system.

With our flexible and personal approach, we find the right solutions for your situation and we’re there to guide you every step of the way.

We can support you with:
We can help you with:
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How we work.

We know that navigating Australia’s immigration system is frustratingly complex and challenging. That’s why we make working with our team as easy and simple as possible.

With Catalyst Migration, you can expect:

Upfront quoting and transparent fees.

So you know what you’re paying right from the start.

Clear communication and guidance.

So you know exactly what you need to do, what the timelines are and what comes next.

Straightforward, easy-to-understand advice.

We translate the legal jargon for you.

Templates, checklists and how-to guides.

To make it as easy as possible to prepare your information and paperwork.

Expert reviews.

To make sure everything you submit will meet the requirements.

Extra support.

To help with any challenges, questions or hurdles that come up.

Updates on key milestones.

So you’re never left guessing where your matter is at.

CLient Feedback
We bring a deep commitment to serving our clients.
Our mission is to provide practical, meaningful outcomes and ensure our clients feel supported every step of the way.
Jan 28, 2023

"Phi and the team at Catalyst Immigration provided a very clear guidance and extremely helpful answering all the enquiries I had from the application stage until the outcome received."

M. Pratama
186 visa
Jan 5, 2023

"Good communication via email and teams calls, Chani was excellent throughout the whole process. She was always available, reassuring and easy to talk to. She is very competent and does a thorough job. Thank you for all your time Chani."

J. Patel
TSS visa
Dec 15, 2022

"Outstanding service from Chani and Phi, as an optometrist I highly recommend the services"

G. He
485 visa
Dec 8, 2022

"Catalyst has been my visa consulting agencyfor a few years. I've got my visas granted 3 times and every time Catalyst hasmade it so simple and easy. I would highly recommend them."

H. Dao
186 visa
Nov 28, 2022

"Highly recommended! We received fantastic service!"

C. Bothma
186 visa
Nov 10, 2022

"Catalyst Migration has provided a targeted service, with great guidance and quick results for my partner and I, across our last 2 VISAs. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone !"

R. Caprioni
482 visa
Nov 3, 2022

"Thank you Catalyst Migration for being with us every step of our immigration process. We are thankful that you always kept us in the loop and responded to our emails swiftly."

S. Fanoy
186 visa
Oct 21, 2022

"Thank you for all the help you have given me with my visa application. The Catalyst Migration works professional, efficient, productive and fast."

B. Abishev
186 visa
Oct 3, 2022

"Catalyst were efficient and managed our visa application professionally.Their process was incredibly smooth considering the complexity of visa processes. We will use them again and recommend them as a business partner of ours."

M. Hele
TSS visa
Oct 3, 2022

"Excellent service and support in getting my TSS visa. The team were available every step of the  way to answer questions and support me with my application. Highly  recommended."

J. Cargill
TSS visa
Sep 27, 2022

"I would recommend  absolutely everyone to go through Phi. She simply is the best migration lawyer anyone could ever wish for. She works so fast and got my PR approved in 2 weeks!!! I then went through her again and put my partner on my visa. I knew this was going to be tricky, however; Phi worked her magic and got it approved in such short period of time. She is a pleasure to deal with so happy positive and an all round wonderful lady. I dealt Chani a lot as well and again she was so wonderful. They are incredible and I would highly recommend them to everyone. Thank you for all you help ladies and such  positive outcomes on both visas."

K. Brown
820 visa
Oct 26, 2022

"Catalyst were extremely helpful in organising my visa. They were knowledgeable and thorough, which is vital."

C. Dixon
494 visa
Sep 17, 2022

"I can't recommend Catalyst Migration enough, they are the best to work with, veryprofessional, kind and supportive. Phi from Catalyst Migration, she has been very understanding of our situation and she has guided us through to get to our actual visa that for a very longtime seemed unreachable. But we got it in no time Thanks To Phi Vo."

R. Ruberto
TSS visa
Sep 14, 2022

"We have all felt very well supported by the team at Catalyst. The honesty and compassion together is hard to get, honesty about what was possible and compassion about our case together in one person, and that personal touch, by really getting to know us. Was exemplary."

D. Jarvis
858 GTI visa
Sep 13, 2022

"Great experience working with the team. Very well versed with the visa requirements and the processes."

S. Ting
TSS visa
Sep 5, 2022

"Catalyst Migration did a very good job giving very clear instructions on what has to be done during the entire application process. Service is 10/10."

R. Vicente
TSS visa
Aug 31, 2022

TSS"Phi and Chani are delightful to work with. As a client, I had such a smooth experience and there was nothing for me to worry about since they were always on top of things. They are highly recommended!"

P. Gungon
TSS visa
Aug 30, 2022

"Just minutes ago, I received my PR visa after less than 4 months from submission of my visa application by Catalyst migration experts. I am completely satisfied with their work and I am pleased to recommend them to everyone how wants his visa application to be granted as soon as possible!"

A. Fathi
186 visa
Aug 26, 2022

"Catalyst Migration team is highly professional with prompt communication, clear processes and transparency in every aspect! Phi and Chani have made the visa application process so easy for our team member and he got the visa a lot earlier than anticipated. Highly recommend!"

T. Quach
TSS visa
Aug 26, 2022

"Massive thank you to the Catalyst team, special mention to Chani, for helping me with the process of getting my visa sorted. I recommend them 100%"

P. Martinez
494 visa
Aug 18, 2022

"Wow, is all I can say. Catalyst and Chani were very helpful and efficient. Provided us with all the information required for our Visa application and she was always available for any questions. I Highly recommend them!!"

C. Pienaar
TSS visa
Aug 8, 2022

"Thank you Chani for your professional and expert advise and service! You made our VISA process seemless!"

M. Pretorius
TSS visa
Aug 3, 2022

"Chani has been very helpful and answered all my queries promptly. I was a bit anxious about my application as I've read that others took more than the published processing times but Catalyst has made me feel at ease and guided us every step of the way. Nothing but praises for Chani and Phi!"

P. Tosco
TSS visa
Jul 29, 2022

"Thanks for the help! The team was really efficient and patient! Will definitely recommend you guys to others if they need visa related services!"

Z. Chan
485 visa
Jul 22, 2022

"It was the best choice that I applied for my graduate visa and 491 visa with Phi and Chani. I would like to highly recommend them to anyone who needs help for their visa."

C. Jang
491 visa
Jul 21, 2022

"The service was fast, clear and smooth. all questions were answered and support was always available."

D. Scoular
400 visa
Jul 19, 2022

"Great team and very clear with their communication. Wonderful experience."

C. Van Staden
TSS visa
Jun 30, 2022

"The best migration service you will ever find. Phi have been assisting me in getting my previous visas and eventually a permanent residency in Australia. Process was painless and smooth with expertadvice catered to my need. Phi is passionate about her work and it shows. Thank you again Phi for being a part of my journey!"

S. Kusni
186 visa
Jun 28, 2022

"Very efficient and effective team! Great communication!"

J. Choo
186 visa
Jun 28, 2022

"Phi Vo and the team from Catalyst Migration have been extremely flexible and accommodating to our needs and very efficient. They have been a pleasure to work with and made the entire process easy for us. A huge thank you to the team."

J. Marrow
Australia Regional Manager
Jun 20, 2022

Working with catalyst migration has been the greatest experience my family and I have come across since arriving in the country. A bit of a back story, we arrived in Australia on the eve of Christmas 2016 on a work visa. After working for two years we decided to stay and apply for permanent residency. But the agent that helped us get here on our work visa have closed his firm and we ended up seeking for other agencies to help us but somehow a lot of things that were going on we were not aware about until our work visa was coming towards its expiry date, this is when Catalyst Migration stepped in. And from the time they took over it was all smooth sailing. From the start to the finish they were so informative. They made me feel at ease, and the way they dealt with me was like family, was like i was part of their family. Thank you again Catalyst Migration, Thank you Phi Vo and Thank you Chani Fletcher. Much appreciated.

H. Tabanidalo
186 visa
Jun 7, 2022

I’ve been working with Chani and Phi for my visa application and the experience was nothing less than fantastic. Chani and Phi communicated with me very clearly and effectively, thus I was not left wondering what would be my next plan of action. They responded quickly and gave me a peace of mind in this trying time. I’m so happy with their professionalism and work flow. I highly recommend Chani and Phi from Catalyst.

Y. Bonggotgetsakul
TSS visa
Jun 3, 2022

"Phi and the Team at Catalyst Migration provided me with excellent advice and assistance during my visa application, I cannot speak highly enough of the support and guidance I received throughout the process. Highly recommended!"

J. Noonan
TSS visa
Apr 5, 2022

"Thanks to the knowledgeable Catalyst team for guiding us through the Visa process."

M. Waller
Manager, Finance and Administration
May 2, 2022

"A pleasure to work with and very professional and knowledgeable throughout theprocess. Your response to my queries and attention to detail was very welcome."

B. Otieno
186 visa
Apr 26, 2022

"They are great! respond to email and queries immediately, though time zone difference sometimes affect our communication. Overall I'm very satisfied withtheir service."

B. Millo
TSS visa
Apr 26, 2022

"Working with Catalyst Migration Pty Ltd was definitely a pleasurable experience. Having worked as an expat for 20+ years, I reckon that their support, dedication and accuracy are simply commendable. Wish them growth and lots of successes!"

V. Ramangavelo
TSS visa
Apr 13, 2022

"Phi and Chani have been extremely helpful throughout every step of my visa application. They provided clear instructions, prompt responses and have a high level of attention to detail. Clearly experts in their field."

W. Lim
TSS visa
Apr 12, 2022

"The team at catalyst migration were superb throughout the entire process. Any queries that were raised were answered immediately. We can’t recommend them enough. Thanks again."

R. O’Neill
TSS visa
Mar 30, 2022

"It is unbelievable to have my visa approved in just one day. This is definitely the result of your efforts."

Z. Yang
600 visa
Mar 25, 2022

"Working with Chani took all the stress out of having to sort a work visa. The whole process was fast, efficient and professional. Well done!"

J. Underwood
400 visa
Mar 18, 2022

"Chani and Phi were extremely helpful and always on hand to assist in making a complex visa application, relatively simple. Quick response times and super quick visa turnaround!"

J. Head
400 visa
Mar 18, 2022

"Phi and the team were very helpful in my Visa application. The communication between us was friendly, concise and I felt supported through the whole process."

C. Clark
400 visa
Feb 15, 2022

"I've had an amazing experience being a customer of Catalyst. They've been super professional in processing my application, providing information and giving advices. I would definitely recommend Catalyst."

H. Dao
TSS visa
Feb 11, 2022

"A great service from Phi and the team. All questions were responded to promptly even though I was on a different timezone. She explained everything in plain English, was available for phone calls and managed the entire process end-to-end."

J. Roach-Ellis
TSS visa
Feb 7, 2022

"Great Service! knowledge of given task was great and was above expected!"

H. Woodcock
400 visa
Jan 28, 2022

"Thanks a million Phi and Chani for helping my family getting our Visa. Your professionalism, knowledge and kindness gave us a lot of reassurance throughout the process."

I. Abadia
494 visa
Jan 18, 2022

"Working with Catalyst Migration gave us peace of mind during an otherwise stressful process. Would absolutely recommend. Professional, helpful and knowledgeable."

M. Fourie
TSS visa
Jan 18, 2022

"Excellent customer satisfaction and full understanding of the needs and how best to address them."

R. Webb
Global Sales Director, 400 visa
Jan 10, 2022

"Helpful friendly staff, available for any questions or concerns, quick & clear responses. They have done a really good job in a short time frame. I highly recommend them, thank you!"

L. Salmerón
After Sales Executive
Jan 3, 2022

"We receive great support from CATALYST to get support on obtain the permissions in this difficult COVID days.

S. Coronado
Service Manager
Dec 21, 2021

"Catalyst Migration is very professional and efficient agent. My consultant Chani helped me quite a lot and she is very kind and friendly. She acted very quickly and gave me very professional instructions. Many thanks to Catalyst team!"

L. Li
TSS visa
Dec 13, 2021

"Phi and Chani did a wonderful job of successfully obtaining first our work permits and then our permanent residence within an exceptional timeline. Their knowledge of the immigration system, professional and detailed approach, and superior personal client service make them an exceptional immigration consultancy and highly recommended."

W. Vincent-Lambert
186 visa
Dec 1, 2021

"I felt so lucky to have Phi Vo as an agent working with me on my immigration portfolio. She was clearly very knowledgeable, but more than that she had great people  skills. I knew nothing about migration law, and had lots of questions, and she took the time  to explain and reexplain the law and strategies, and to answer all my questions. I never felt  rushed or foolish in any way. Even though in the end I had to withdraw my application because the  pandemic kept me from being able to come in a timely fashion, I am enormously  grateful to Phi and her team. I would work with them again in a heartbeat."

J. McDermott
408 visa
Nov 27, 2021

"Huge thank you to Phi for her support recently. Her knowledge is outstanding. She was extremely supportive and helped my understanding of visa's. It was like talking with someone who I had known for quite sometime. Would highly recommend Catalyst Migration!"

K. Ryder
HR Manager
Nov 25, 2021

"The team at Catalyst were invaluable in helping me with alengthy and complicated visa application. Really appreciate their diligence throughout the process."

L. Romero
461 visa
Nov 15, 2021

"Thanks Chani and Phi for helping me during this migration journey. I 100% recommend."

P. Lau
TSS visa
Nov 10, 2021

"I was impressed by Phi and the team at Catalyst. Astonishing service, great and clear communication. Best in class immigration agents, totally recommend."

A. Favero
820 visa
Nov 10, 2021

"Thank you to Phi and her team for helping me with my TSS 482 application. My situation was quite unique and Phi provided expert advice on the various options I had - highly recommend!"

A. Dang
TSS visa
Nov 10, 2021

"We've used Catalyst several times and have always been impressed with the service we've received. Phi and her team are incredibly knowledgeable and always responsive to questions throughout the process."

S. Fife
Manager, Businesss Services and Support
Nov 7, 2021

"This is the second time that I've used Catalyst Migration Services. Phi's excellent attention to detail, forthright advice and personal touch through all our correspondence has made it a pleasure to deal with her Company knowing that I will get the right result as promised."

D. Harrison
RRV - Resident Return Visa
Nov 1, 2021

"Great service received! All emails were replied to in a quick and prompt fashion!"

C. Bothma
TSS visa
Oct 27, 2021

"Nice experience to be supported by Catalyst Migration Services during my visa application."

M. Yin
TSS visa
Oct 20, 2021

"I recently had Phi at Catalyst Migration to help me with my Citizenship application. The amount of paperwork required to complete the process stopped me from attempting to do it myself, hence making the call to Catalyst Migration. All the stress and anxiety of sourcing and filling out the required forms was made so much easier by Phi. My application was successful and my Australian Citizenship was approved. Call Catalyst Migration now for Professional, friendly and courteous service Thank You Phi"

A. Wallbank
Australian Citizenship
Oct 11, 2021

"Phi and the team at Catalyst were professional, responsive and caring. Nothing was too much trouble. It was clear from day 1 that we were in safe hands and would be supported through our immigration journey. The process is really daunting, but Phi and the team made the complex simple and  were clear, concise and practical at every turn. It was a pleasure working with them. Phi demonstrated care, empathy and commitment during the process and I am very grateful for how me and my family were treated as clients. I would highly recommend Phi and the team."

K. Cravo
186 visa
Oct 6, 2021

"Our visa had only a month for it to be expired, and I didn't notice till my employer notified me about it.

From the moment we started exchanging emails I knew here was something different about them.

The fast turn around was amazing and i would recommend them to anyone. During the whole process they also gave me options to other visas that I would qualify for. Oh and the friendly and down to earth manner that they handled my case was a big tick for me."

H. Tabanidalo
TSS visa
Oct 6, 2021

"Phi from Catalyst Migration made my work visa application and approval seem easy. I always knew what I needed to do and what the next steps in the process was. Quite refreshing to work with someone that is efficient and gets the job done right the first time. Thank you Phi."

J. Nel
TSS visa
Sep 21, 2021

"Excellent Communication. Explained the process the whole way through."

A. Fitzpatrick
TSS visa
Sep 21, 2021

"Working with Phi during the pandemic ensured I got my visa through as soon as it was possible. Thank you."

T. Mugridge
TSS visa
Sep 16, 2021

"I am very satisfied with the service. I appreciate the information provided throughout the whole process. I am very grateful since the expected outcome was achieved much faster than I thought."

L. Flach
TSS visa
Sep 16, 2021

"Amazing service and with a smile. Highly recommend"

A. Puiatti
Travel exemption request
Sep 16, 2021

"Fantastic service by Phi and her company. What would no doubt be a confusing and timely process, Catalyst Migration dealt with my visa application quickly and the process was seamless. Would recommend to all."

R. Cartwright
186 visa
Sep 16, 2021

"Process was smooth and it was very detailed! All my questions were also answered as soon as possible. Thank you."

M. Moh
485 visa
Sep 16, 2021

"My partner and I would like to express a heartfelt thank you to Phi and the team at Catalyst for making the Australian visa process a swift and stress-free experience. They worked incredibly hard behind the scenes to ensure not only a successful visa application, but to also keep our minds at ease knowing that everything was being taken care of. Now we have our visa we can't wait to get our new lives started in Australia! Thank you, Catalyst."

M. Addison
TSS visa
Sep 18, 2021

"Phi has been amazing from the beginning and provided great advice. This is my second time with her as my point of contact and she’s nothing short of legendary."

S. Kusni
TSS visa