October Budget 2022-23 - Skilled Migration

Original Publication Date - 27/11/2022

October 2022-23 Budget

The Labor Government recently announced their first budget for 2022-23. In this years  Federal budget the government will look to increase funding and the skilled visa quota to address pressures faced by businesses and industries experiencing critical labour and skill shortages.

Changes we expect to see

  • An increase to the permanent migration program ceiling from 160,000 to 195,000 places in 2022–23.

  • Increasing the duration of post-study work rights by allowing two additional years of stay for recent graduates with ’select’ degrees in areas of skill shortages to strengthen the pipeline of skilled labour in Australia.

  • Extension of the relaxation of work restrictions for student and training Visa holders to help ease skills and labour shortages until 30 June 2023.

  • Additional allocation of $42.2 million over two years for the recruitment of additional staff to accelerate visa processing and back log and and raise awareness of opportunities for high-skilled migrants in Australia’s permanent Migration Program.

Breakdown of skilled visa places available 2022-23

Employer sponored - 35,000

Skilled independent - 32,100

Regional - 34,000

State and territory nominated - 31,000

Business innovation and investment - 5,000

Global Talent - 5,000

Distinguished Talent - 300

What does this mean?

  • Number of skilled visas available will increase significantly from 79,600 to 142,400. This will include employed sponsored, skilled independent, regional, as well as state and territory nominated visas.

  • Up to 3,000 places will be available each year from next year, and this will be in addition to 195,000 available as part of the permanent program.

  • For family visas, more parent visas will be available, with an increase in allocation of 4,500 visas in 2021/22, to 8,500 visas this year. Partner and child visas will remain demand-driven with no limit placed on these. There will also be around 500 other family visas, and 100 special eligibility visas available.

  • Priority for skilled visas will be given to offshore applicants and on-hand applications for the Skilled Independent visa - New Zealand Stream.